ORDish Bot

I was about to start ordering the pieces to build a RepRap style of 3D printer when I came across a post by Bart Dring describing a printer he brought to an event called ORD Camp. Among other things, Bart is the creator of MakerSlide, which is an Open Source linear bearing system that was funded on KickStarter.

Traditional RepRap'ish printers have used threaded rod as the skeleton of the printer with linear rails for movement of the printhead (extruder).
MakerSlide is an aluminum extrusion that has includes rails for linear movement -- this allows it to be used both for the framework of the printers as well as for the linear movement.

Technically, my printer is called an ORD-ish Bot instead of an ORD Bot because it was bootstrapped, not built from an ORD Bot kit.

Update: I've been doing some blog housecleaning, combining a couple of blogs... All the ORD Bot posts can be found here: ORD Bot

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